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Aircraft Not On Display

A-37B Dragonfly

Power plant: Two 12.68kN (2,400lb st) General Electric J85-GE-5 turbojets
Wingspan: 10.93m (35ft 10 1/2in) over tip tanks
Length: 8.62m (28ft 3 1/4in)
Max T-O weight: 6,350kg (14,000lb)
Max level speed: 816km/h (507mph)
Range: 740km (460miles)


F-104A Starfighter

Power plant: J79-GE-3A/3B Turbojet, 9600lb s.t. dry
Wing Span: 21 feet, 9 inches
Length: 54 feet, 8 inches
Maximum T-O Weight: 13,184 lb empty, 17,988 combat
Max level speed: 1037 mph at 50,000 feet
Range: 730 miles; 1,400 miles with drop tanks
Armament: 20mm M61A1 Vulcan cannon with 725 rounds, wing tip Aim-9B Sidewinder missiles


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